New discussion

In light of the National Planning Policy Framework this month’s topic for discussion on the Inclusive Archaeology Forum is Can Archaeology be Inclusive?  Click on the link on the side of this page to add your views on the subject.

3 responses to “New discussion

  1. North Duffield Conservation and Local History Society are supporting York Archaeological Trust to provide an Introduction to Archaeology to members of the Monday Club, Selby. These adults with learning disabilities have shown a remarkable aptitude towards and knowledge of the subject. They are a pleasure to work with and their involvement is clearly increasing their confidence and self esteem and are a perfect example of how archaeology can and should be inclusive. They have tested their digging skills, created maps and their knowledge of the historic heritage of Selby is outstanding and being added to after each session. This is a valuable collaboration for them and us and the WEA who are funding the project..

  2. Thanks Brian
    A great example of inclusive archaeology which demonstrates how good partnership working and a positive approach can enable barriers to participation in archaeology to be overcome.

  3. Stephen Brunning

    I imagine digging for visually-impaired people can be problematic with all the Health &Safety issues on site, although handling finds can be very therapeutic!

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