Does cultural eduction matter?

FINAL WEA COnference 2013 – click here for powerpoint used in conference workshop

11/10/13 Cambridge

Nicola Thorpe and Victoria Beauchamp presented a workshop at the WEA conference in Cambridge entitled Does  Cultural Education matter?

We used the workshop to demonstrate the benefit the project has to all those who take part.

Students not only find out about their local heritage also they also report improvements in their health and wellbeing.

People at the conference were impressed with the  way we value the fantastic volunteers we work with and how we are investing in training and supporting them so they can move on to further work within the WEA or use the skills learnt for other employment.

We also demonstrated the impact of the project on the archaeological world. Museums value our visits to try new activities and have reported that we can help them to meet valuable widening participation targets by encouraging our groups to visit. We are also encouraging the sustainability of the project by making links with local community projects so that groups can continue to explore archaeology and heritage after the courses finish.

Attendees of the workshop also got to try a timeline activity and a building recording exercise. This demonstrate how much these activities develop communication skills as much as archaeological knowledge and how activities can be easily adapted to meet different needs.

The session ended with a discussion about the project and does cultural education matter? It was great to hear stories of how WEA courses adapt to meet the needs of individuals and the benefits everyone can see of encouraging participation in cultural courses.

The workshop concluded matter cultural education does matter and investing in it returns many rewards to all  who participate.

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