New Year New Initiatives

This is the final year of the project but we still have some  exciting new initiatives to come. Next month we are holding two taster sessions for the D/deaf community in Sheffield and Doncaster . In preparation for this we launched a debate on our Forum Page about what it is like to be D/deaf and work in the field of archaeology. Check out the debate by clicking the forum link button to the right of this page. I have also come across an amazing resource produced by the British Musuem which has signed interpretations for many of the key items in the museum including the Rosetta Stone, Lindow Man,the Vindolanda Tablets and the Mummy of Katebet. It is a shame that there is no image of the object while information about it is being signed.

We also have new groups starting soon in Sheffield, Barnsley and Scunthorpe so look out for their blogs which will be appearing in our Hubs section in the coming months.

Here’s to an exciting new year.

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