How long will the project last?

This is a 3 year project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, although we hope to establish links and partnerships with service providers, universities, museums, professional archaeology units and  local societies that will last long beyond the project.

Who can take part?

In total 300 learners will participate in the project in 10 hubs across the Yorkshire and Humber Region. Learners will be from targeted groups including those with learning and physical difficulties, mental health service users and BAME communities. Groups will also work together during the fieldwork sessions.

How long will each course be?

Learning will consist of 20 hours of ‘classroom’ based activity and 20 hours in the field. This will take place over approximately 15-18 weeks.

Are there opportunities for volunteers?

Between 40 and 60 volunteers will be involved either by helping in the classroom and fieldwork or by providing valuable resources. (See the volunteer page for more details).

Will the public get to see what the learners have been learning about?

  • Launch events will be held in each hub so that local communities can find out about the project.
  • Towards the end of the project an exhibition of 300 objects relating to the heritage of the learners will be displayed at locally in a publicly accessible place such as museums and libraries.

Who do I contact to get more information about the project?

The project workers

Victoria Beauchamp – for information about groups in Barnsley, Bradford, Doncaster, Grimsby,and Sheffield

Nicola Thorpe – for information about groups in Leeds, Rotherham, Scunthorpe and North Yorkshire.

The project Manager

Rob Hindle – for information about the project overall and funding.

See Contacts page for phone numbers.


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