Representatives Forum

What is the Representatives’ Forum?

It is vital for the sustainability of the project’s work that contributors have the opportunity to develop awareness of the needs and priorities of all those involved.  We hope that this will not only support the aims of the project but will also help develop a network across the region to share expertise and practice and to continue to provide opportunities for learning and participation in archaeology and heritage for those sectors of the community the project is focusing on.

The Forum will therefore:

1    To support the project in meeting its stated aims*

2    Develop networks at local (‘hub’) and regional levels to provide opportunities to share expertise and resources in order to improve inclusive practice and provide a sound basis for sustainability

The Forum is comprised of the following representatives:

Archaeologists (HE and non-HE)                         2

Museum rep                                                               1

WEA tutor                                                                  1

Local WEA field staff                                               1

Project volunteer                                                      1

Learner reps       (1 from each target group)       4

Mental health professional                                    1

Learning disability professional                           1

Physical disability professional                            1

WEA project staff                                                    2

Total members                                                15

 If you would like to be involved then contact one of the project staff.



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