Addison 2

The group were excited to continue their archaeology studies, and were all looking forward to some enjoyable trips out.

Outside the Museum

The group outside the Museum.

Week 1: we visited Clifton Park Museum in Rotherham.

We identified some objects that represented the history of Rotherham, and all picked, and drew our favourite object in the Museum.


Week 2: was supposed to be a visit to Maltby Church.

Sadly out host had to cancel at very short notice, but we still did some activities in the classroom on churches, and each designed and made our own stained glass window.


Week 3: a visit to Roche Abbey.

The sun was shining, and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Roche. We learned about life as a Monk. We explored the different parts of the Abbey, then copied the monks by doing some drawing in the Cloister.

Drawing in the Cloister

Drawing in the Cloister


Week 4: a visit to Brodsworth Hall.

We only had 2 hours, so we did a very quick tour of the Hall and Gardens.

We all enjoyed our visit, and decided we would like to come back when we had some more time.

Walking down the archery lawn

Walking down the Archery Lawn.

Another Digability course has come to Addison Day Centre in Maltby, Rotherham.  It started in January 2014, with a new group of 12 students.

Our plans for the course are:-

Week 1: Buildings from the past: who would live where?

Week 2: Objects from the past: can we identify them?

Week 3: Reading a map / and making our own.

Week 4: Tastes from the past: making and trying food.

Week 5: A load of old bones!

Week 6: Making an Ice Age Scene

Week 7: Making a Roman Scene.

Week 8: Looking at our high street.

Week 9: Old and new photos: mix and match

Week 10: Clothing from the past.


We started week 1 comparing buildings from modern day and the past.  Each student described what type of house they lived in, and what materials it was built from.  We then looked at a range of buildings from the past, including roundhouses, castles and a house built from mammoth bones!  Everyone agreed that modern day houses seemed more comfortable, than those from the past.  We finished the lesson by making model roundhouses to form our own roundhouse village.

Week 2 was spent looking at objects from the past.  Each student picked an object from an archaeological assemblage, and learned how to record key features about the object.  They also drew their object.  We then looked at coins in more detail – considering what images have been used on coins and what metals they are made from.  We finished the lesson by designing our own coins.

Week 3 involved studying maps, and learning about the different symbols found on OS maps.  We then studied Speed’s 1610 map of Rotherham.  It was interesting to note how the places in and around Rotherham we spelled differently from how they are today.  It was also interesting to note that this map didn’t have any houses or roads on it, just places, churches, rivers and deer parks.  We finished the session by using symbols to make our own maps.


In week 4 we studied the Ice Age.  Starting with looking and talking about depictions of people and places, then looking at Cave Art, we then did a quiz and made our own Ice Age Scene.

For week 5 we moved on in time somewhat to the Roman Period.  Starting with a quiz, then looking at Roman Villas and Mosaic Floors.  We finished the session by designing our own Roman street scene.

Week 6 was great fun, and involved food tasting.  Starting firstly by looking generally at who might have eaten what, and how food was cooked, we then did some food tasting ourselves. Some of the choices of food did not go down very well, especially the Liquorice Root and Nettle Tea!

Week 7 we studied clothing from the past.  Firstly looking at the clothes found on Otzi, the Iceman.  Many students were surprised by his lack of underpants! Secondly we looked at clothing worn by Roman Soldiers.  We finished the session by designing our own clothing.

Week 8 we have a visit from a bones specialist: Liz Eastlake.  She brought a plastic skeletal specimen, but it did raise a few eye-brows from the students when they arrived.  The students identified different bones, and completed a recording sheet.  Inevitably the conversation turned around to what bones people had broken.  After the break everyone had a go at a 2d facial reconstruction drawing – wow some ended up looking pretty scary.

For week 9 we turned our attention to objects special to people in the past, namely grave goods.  We talked about what grave goods both men and women may have had in their graves, then the boys took on the girls in a build a grave competition – it was hard to choose a winner – I am sure you’ll agree.

Photo: Graves produced as part of the competition.

Week 10 saw us talking about objects special to us.  We had a good range of objects to look at and talk about, these included 3 teddy bears, 1 puzzle book, 1 mobile phone (!), 2 photo albums, 2 football shirts, 1 rock from Pompeii, and 1 drink coaster.

We plan to finish off this part of the course with a quiz and mini-celebration, looking back over


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