Monthly Archives: February 2013

New Year Round Up

It has a busy couple of months for the project. Project Workers Victoria and Nicola have been out meeting new partners and setting up taster sessions for the coming months.

Groups are up and running in Doncaster, Bradford and Rotherham with a group in Wombwell starting this week. We have some really keen bloggers so keep an eye on their pages to see what they have been up to.

Nicola presented at the CBA AGM on the 2nd February and her talk was well received.

Victoria had a brilliant day the the Dearne Archaeology Day. Her talk on Digability in the Dearne and Beyond was also well received and prompted some members of the audience to offer their assistance to the project.

The day was an interesting mix of archaeology across the region and beyond. Helen Fenwick talked about her  fieldwalking in the Egyptian desert and Thomas Booth gave an interesting talk on UK Bronze age Mummies at Clada Hallan. His talk focused on  how their preservation methods may not result in the modern idea of a mummy but how the skeleton remains suggest they were preserved for a time after death. There were also interesting talks on  the Evidence of Early Metal working in South Yorkshire by Giovanna Fregni and a Charnel Chapel in Rothwell, Northamptonshire by Jenny Crangle and Linzi Harvey.

Malcolm Lillie gave a brilliant talk on inter-personal violence in Ukranian prehistoric societies and David Connolly (BAJR) gave a through provoking talk on the archaeology of witchcraft . He highlighted the lack of evidence for the practice of witchcraft but plenty for dealing with it.

Thank you to Christine Rawson and Stella Matthews of Elmet for organising the day.