Celebration event

The learners from the Addison centre were hosts to the Goldthorpe and Bentley groups for the final celebration event on the 22nd June. Learners enjoyed coming together for a final discussion about what they had enjoyed about the field sessions and mixing together to help each other in the final quiz. All learners received a certificate to mark their achievements.

A learner collecting her certificate.

Learner presented the tutor, Nicola Thorpe, with a photo album documenting all their favourite parts of the course.

Fieldwork Sessions

Learners searching carefully for finds in the mock excavation.

On the 15th June learners enjoyed a visit to Sheffield Manor where they looked around the site with Peter Machen, undertook ‘mock’ excavation and did some finds recording.  Learners particularly enjoyed looking around the site and seeing the old toilet and well.

Nigel daubing the roundhouse walls.

On 1st June, 23 learners from the Rotherham, Doncaster and Barnsley hubs came together to participate in some Experimental Archaeology at Heeley City Farm.  They made replica pots, which they decorated with shells and cords.  They tried weaving, wool carding and spinning.  They also all mucked in and helped daub the walls of the life-size Iron Age roundhouse. With such a range of hands-on activity, there was something to capture the interest of everyone involved.  The Rotherham group was joined by Chris, a volunteer undergraduate from the University of Sheffield, who found the experience enjoyable and rewarding.

The second field session with the Addison learners on the 25th May was a visit to

Sandra and Cecilia with one of the many greyhounds in the Brodsworth Gardens.

Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, Doncaster.  Firstly, learners did tour and worksheets on the garden, it’s design and its rather interesting elements, such as a Pet Cemetery and multiple marble greyhound statues.  After lunch the learners visited the Hall, and particularly enjoyed the library, the ‘junk’ room and the kitchens.  They all saw objects in the kitchen that were familiar to them.

Graves and Skeltons!

Derek showing his grave.

The learners spent 3 weeks learning about objects which were special to people in the past, and learned also how to identify these objects within graves.  They then, on the 4th May, buried a skeleton with a selection of grave goods.  They chose to include keys, books, material, beads, coins and flowers in their graves.

Visit to Roche Abbey

Learners from Addison visited Roche Abbey, a Medieval Monastery on their

Antony, Barclay and David at the Entrance to the Cloister

doorstep.  Surprisingly only one learner had visited the site before.  They learned about life as a monk, and all agreed it wasn’t the life for them!  They toured the architectural remains and completed an eye-spy.  They particularly enjoyed learning about the layout of the Monastic Church, and spotting the grave stones in the Nave floor.

23rd March

Margaret in the Roman Armour

9 learners from Addison visited Doncaster Museum, alongside learners from the Barnsley and Doncaster Hubs.  The learners were able to handle real artefacts found from Roman Villa sites in and around Doncaster.  Some of their favourite objects include bronze jewellery and ceramic oil lamps.  The learners (and staff) then had the chance to try-on some replica Roman Armour.

Learner Cyril carefully drawing a decorated pot sherd.

9 learners from Addison Centre celebrated the launch of their Archaeology course at their Centre on Friday 16th March 2012.  Centre staff members Charlie Davis and Karen Gordon, both acknowledged the unique opportunity the course provides in enabling their clients to discover their past through hands-on practical activities, and also to help them grow in confidence at tackling new things.

Carers, family members, local press, centre staff and a potential partner and learners for year 2 attended the event, and found out a bit more about what the learners from Addison had been doing so far.  A recent interview on Trax FM had already helped raise the profile of the project and the group, to the local community.

The learners were proud to show off their project scrapbooks containing examples of their work and photos of their recent trip to Conisbrough Castle.

During the launch event the learners identified and drew a range of archaeological artefacts, from bones, to pot sherds to flint scrapers.

Look out for us in the Rotherham Advertiser, on Friday 23rd March!


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