Fieldwork: At last the rain has held off!

The Grimsby group have undertaken 5 weeks of fieldwork. Visiting local sites they have learnt to use survey rig and furrow, a roman ladder settlement and a WW2 USAF base.

A Find: A Buckle correctly labelled and bagged.

At Butters Wood, Goxhill, the learners were very kindly granted access by the landlord to private land who was keen to support the project. They were able to investigate this fascinating World War 2 airfield dispersal base including a water tank, water tower and air raid shelters.

The learners demonstrated all that they had learnt by setting up the level, taking readings and drawing a plan and section of the water tank.  They even spotted an old buckle laying on the surface of the site. In the first of 2 sessions at the site they were able to mark all the hazards on site including the large open water tank and the water tower.

Each learner over the course of the 5 weeks found a role including holding the staff, laying out or reading the tapes, drawing or photographing.  They all worked really well as a team to achieve the aims of the course.

Staff Man – making sure he has the staff in the right place so a level can be taken.

This learner has learnt to use her limited vision to read the level off accurately.

A section of the corner of the water tank

On their final session the learners welcomed the local WEA branch secretary Linda Seldkeld.

The Grimsby Group

Grimsby learners are based at the Foresight Centre. With their tutor Bernice Brumby they are exploring the evidence found at major archaeological sites in the UK. So far they have looked at Star Carr, Stonehenge and Maiden Castle. At their launch event on the 31st January Bernice brought along the tools of the trade for learners to try including hard hats, hi-vis jackets and a trowel. She also brought a range of books and some artefacts including some roman coins and some reproduction saxon bone combs and hair pins made by one of the learners.

Reproduction bone comb.

The Humber INCA have kindly offered fieldwork opportunities for this group which will take place in the late spring.

The archaeology project will offer a unique opportunity for disabled people in our area to access a new and innovative hands on learning experience expanding both their knowledge and skills. (Paul Silvester- Chief Officer)

Learner proudly shows off the HLF banner. HLF have provided the £200000 grant enabling this project to take place across Yorkshire and Humber.


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