Below are other websites about archaeology. There are subject specific ones, news stories, site news. There is lots of great information out there on the internet from beginner introductions to specific details on artefacts.

Enjoy discovering the world of archaeology.

Dr Dig – got any questions about archaeology? See if you can find the answer here.

BAJR – British Archaeological Jobs and resources

BBC Archaeology – news about archaeology in 2012

BBC Chronicle Programme archive – BBC programmes about major archaeological sites

Post Hole an online journal for anyone interested in archaeology edited by students.

Greater Archaeology – website about the history of archaeology, famous archaeologists, the different branches of archaeology and recent archaeological news.

Current Archaeology

Time Team

Mick’s Master Class Monasteries, Churches, hedges, community research

Operation Nightingale

Council for British Archaeology

CBA Yorkshire

BBC Archaeology

British Museum

BBC/British Museum a History of the World in 100 objects

Association for Industrial Archaeology

Francis Pryor’s blog site  – wetland archaeology and much more

Digital digging – clever use of technology to enhance understanding of sites

Doug’s Archaeology – investigating the profession

Digventures – Have you always wanted to try Archaeology – well now is your chance.

York Archaeology – Magazine about the archaeology happening around York.

Stone Tools Museum – a viral museum about stone age tools- lots of fab pictures


Spoilheap – an introduction to Human Bones.

Newarcaheology – an introduction to animal bones

The archaeology of Human Bones by Simon Mays – ebook – very detailed look at the archaeology of human bones

You might also like:

West Yorkshire Chariot Burial

York Osteoarcaheology – lists all the sites they have worked on in the region connected with human remains of different periods.


“Each standing stone was around 4.1 metres (13 ft) high, 2.1 metres (6 ft 11 in) wide and weighed around 25 tons” wikipedia

You might also like:

The Riverside Project at Stonehenge

EH Stonehenge Activity Sheet & Teacher’s Kit

Some of the most recent reasearch includes laser scans of the stones by Wessex Archaeology.


This is a very broad subject area. Archaeologists can look at where the pottery was found and what other artefacts were found with. They can look at the style of the pottery and compare it to other pottery found on other sites or they can use scientific techniques. Below are a few websites that explore the subject.


Archaeology an Introduction by Kevin Greene Chapter 4 has a section on archaeological dating techniques.

Rehydroxlation is the most up to date method developed by the universities of Manchester and Edinburgh.

News stories 


New Anglo- Saxon Finds in York

Anglo Saxon finds beneath York Minster ( 7/2/13)

Iron Age Hut Circles and Roman Roads in Nidderdale


Govan Stones: The Viking-Age treasures

Some of the best preserved medieval sculpture dating to the 10th and 11th century in Britain.

Anglo Saxon Finds

Rare gaming piece found. To read more see:

Can you Help?

English heritage are looking for an army of volunteers to help them record Grade II listed buildings.

World Oldest Calendar Found?

12 pits that appear to follow lunar cycle have been found in Aberdeenshire.

Sutton Hoo On line exhibition launched

Take a look at this fantastic new on-line exhibition about Sutton Hoo.

Mick Aston Dies:

It was with sadness that we learnt about the death of Mick Aston on the 25th June. 

Mick was a committed community archaeologist who believed that archaeology should be made available to all without compromise or ‘dumbing down’. His 19 series of Time Team enthused many archaeologists working today and he had an effortless manner in explaining excavations in a way anyone could understand them.

King Richard III found

– BBC coverage-1  ( 4/2/13)

-BBC the Bones of Richard III

– University of Leicester- Richard III discovered

Sir James Tillie mystery: Archaeologists find body in vault

Woolly Rhino gives clues to prehistoric climate

Black Death Pit found in London

Rock Art at Stonehenge  ( with further link to full report)

Ancient music:

Modern Europeans will hear again the music and the instruments of their distant ancestors – from dwellers in caves to audiences at Greek and Roman amphitheatres – thanks to a £3.5 million project in which a University of Huddersfield lecturer plays a key role.


Archaeology in Europe

World Archaeology News

The Ancient Romans Were Better At Making Sustainable Concrete Than We Are

Researchers believe that the ancient Romans created concrete that is more environmentally friendly and durable than modern cement.

How Wolves became Dogs 

– The examiner- coverage of  American/Swedish Study (23/1/13)

1200 year old skeltetons found in Mexico

New Pyramid found in Egypt

Evidence of Hard Labour in Ancient Egypt



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